Lazy boyfriend?

has anyone split up with their boyfriend purely because they just became so lazy? I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years, we have a 15 month old. Over time he has just been more and more lazy in terms of its always me taking our son out, my memories are more of me and my son than us as a family. He's not a bad dad but I feel like he leaves absolutely everything for me and shows no initiative in terms of helping me yet he either wonders why I'm stressed or he's too into himself to notice. All I'm doing is gettimg sick of him and I'm sick of saying the same stuff but I try for my son. I just think to say we haven't been together that long he makes no effort with us or even me for the relationship side in terms of looking after me/caring if I'm OK yet he whinges we don't have sex but for me it's a circle... why would I want to do anything if you dont appreciate me/something is lacking in the relationship. I feel like people might say lazy people just stay the same?
Lazy boyfriend?
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