I feel like my marriage is ending?

My wife has asked me recently to drastically change our relationship. We are in a Dom and sub relationship. We have 2 daughters and have been married just shy of 4 years and together for 5. She claims to have recently (in the last week) discovered that she needs 2 different Dominant men in her life, only one of which is in a sexual relationship with her, and wants me to allow this (despite my telling her from the very first day that I am not ok with sharing). In that same conversation she asked me to up my control over her to levels that we didn't previously use in our relationship. I began adding to that level of control while I wrestled with trying to emotionally find a way to allow her what she says she needs. Then last night she informs me that we need to completely start our relationship over because she doesn't feel like she is submissive to me at all. I have no idea how to respond to this and I'm feeling like our relationship is ending. I was until last week feeling like things were doing good and now I'm just totally lost.
I feel like my marriage is ending?
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