How do I confront my boyfriend about these issues?


1. Firstly, his family are sometimes to much. im aware i can't change people but at the same time id wish they be a little more laid back with me. They constantly want my time and attention. I feel smothered like i can't breathe. I have to be what they want me to be to make them happy. They want me to be there best friend and go away on holidays including one's without my boyfriend with them etc when i have my own family. I feel like if me and my boyfriend got married, his mum and sister would take over and it be how they wanted it and if had children they'd spoil them and tell me how to mother them.

2. He has unnecessary anger/stress issues sometimes. The other day i was at the doctors and i was waiting over a hour to been seen when id booked a appointment and people who came in later then me were getting seen by the same doctor. A complaint was put in and they did get told off.

But my boyfriend was waiting to pick me up and was getting extremely inpatient and aggressive over text about the hole situation saying the "the cunt needed sacking" he said i should have walked out or kicked off. i don't think the world resolves around myself.

He finally picked me up after making a massive drama. When he was driving he pressed his horn and shouted "twat" out the window at a guy who was driving badly. I just feel it isn't needed for. When we went shopping too he was constantly talking loudly about people in the queue being to slow and staff being shit at their job and getting all cocky and what not.

3. I get jealous of the female attention he gets. There was a girl he used to go school with and stalked him and he politely rejected her but she still trys to message him and his sister. Plus not along ago a client tried to set him up with his daughter. He tells me all about this but it still makes me very annoyed, not at him just them girls for having no respect for me by going after my boyfriend.
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Obviously me and my boyfriend still have a happy, healthy relationship but no relationship is prefect even the best ones. I still love him very much and there are still lots of positives to being with him. It's literally just these 3 things i have that annoy me and i know im not prefect either and we should work on these things together by talking it out.

With the whole anger bit. I think he knows it's bad and when we did get home i did tell him off abit and say what's with the attitude
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I think he thinks it's normal to behave in a angry aggressive way when things don't go his way because his sister and her boyfriend are like that. His sister is constantly getting in petty fights with people and him and her boyfriend are the ones who have to rush in to defend her so he just sees that behaviour as normal and well i tell him it's not he gets his brother in laws to defend him.
How do I confront my boyfriend about these issues?
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