Am I being lied to and manipulated?

To start off, I’ve been with the same girl almost 5 years. We had our ups and downs, but recently I’ve opened my eyes to what’s in front of me. Please tell me if I’m being lied to: one day we were laying with eachother, and she was lactating. We had recently lost a baby and she was saying that her body still thinks she is pregnant so that’s why she was giving milk. A few weeks later I found out she was on birth control and she had been on birth control for a while and she didn’t tell me. She said she didn’t tell me because she thought I would be mad. A few weeks pass by and we were fighting and there are nights I was being put on blocked and do not disturb until the morning. One of those nights I was blocked, I hacked her voicemail via password and found a voicemail from another man with no call back number asking “what are you doing tonight let’s chill” she had changed her password immediately and then denies all allegations saying she doesn’t know who that was and she never received the notification for a voicemail even though she has a new iPhone. Am I being crazy or am I really being cheated on and lied to for her own gain? I have been really depressed lately and having mood swings like I have never felt before. I want to leave her but I want to believe she wouldn’t do anything like that to me especially since what we have been though. Please some one help me wake up from this nightmare I call my life and bring some real insight.
Am I being lied to and manipulated?
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