Am I being selfish? Any thoughts on this situation?

We're 26.
I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years. We have talked about the future and decided we would compromise and meet in the middle. Each being able to travel under an hour to see each other as often as possible. He's at home and I am too with our families. He doesn't help with anything (no bills, doesn't pay rent, doesn't pay for his groceries, his mom does his laundry, folds his clothing) I am opposite, helping my fam and taking responsibility for my own food, laundry, cleaning, etc.
He and I have graduated from college and HE did nothing with his degree. Instead, he followed his father's steps, and his dad got him a full-time job at a factory. He HATES this job, always complaining, and now he's been drinking more, gaining a ton of weight because he's so "stressed" when in reality, he does nothing anymore. He has no friends, stopped working out, he hardly talks to anyone BUT ME, he counts on me for support, guidance, he calls me while at work if it's a slow day to complain it's so boring, or to talk shi* about his supervisor bec he has issues with authority.

I have tried like crazy to get him to realize how lucky he is to still be employed during these harder times, but he hates it.

He met with his bank recently, who provided him a loan for a place to live. Instead of moving half-way as we talked about, he moved 20mins from his family home.
He's also expecting me to move in full time with him, to help him around the house. He's in debt now and is upset bec I want to stay at home, finish school and obtain my career. I am pursuing legal studies (already finished college) and have 2 more years of Uni. Am I being selfish?

We talked, and he said plans changed bec he wanted to be closer to his family, and purchased a house (within a DAY of getting permission from the bank, he hired a realtor and BOUGHT a place after taking a single day to think it over, without getting reports, inspections, etc.
Is it a dic* move on my part, that I don't want to move in with him?
1 y
Thanks so much everyone for the insight.

I was hoping for honesty, and that is what I was granted with. I sincerely appreciate everyone who read through my inquiry, and took a moment to respond with their opinions!
I know what has to be done.
Thank you!!
Am I being selfish? Any thoughts on this situation?
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