Can guys and girls be ''just'' friends?

So during quarantine I was studying abroad and I (a Dutch guy) was living with a Polish girl. Because of quarantine we got pretty close and I was falling a little bit for her. After a while I told her how I felt, she told me these feelings were there because of quarantine. She also had a boyfriend at the time so she turned me down. After this nothing really changed and we stayed friends.

After quarantine she started spending more time with her boyfriend instead of me. This hurt a little but I understood. I decided to start dating other people and to meet other friends. Me and my flatmate were still friends during this time and we would give eachother relationship advice. I always told her she should break up with her boyfriend because he was manipulative and treating her like shit, she was always complaining about it but she still really liked him. I didn't.

After living for 5 months with her I went home, saying goodbye was sad for both of us. She also told me I should visit her as soon as possible. At the moment she is traveling Europe with her boyfriend, after this trip they will break up (he is Colombian). She told me she will end it because it's a unhealthy relationship and because of the distance.

I have been home for three weeks now and we are still talking quite a bit over the phone and on whatsapp. I really enjoy talking to her but I got this feeling she is using me as a backup. I enjoy having her as a friend but if she tries to make a move when I visit her it would be really confusing for me. On one hand I still like her (I just don't know in what way, if it's friendship or more), on the other hand I don't like the fact that she was with this guy for so long (6 months) and only choses me once he leaves. I could be wrong though, maybe it's just a feeling and she just wants to be friends.

Can guys and girls ''just'' be friends? Or does it only work when you're not attracted to eachother in any physical way (like when you're both gay for example)?
Can guys and girls be ''just'' friends?
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