No boyfriend at the age of 16?

Hey guys, so.. I am 16 and I'm a little bit insecure about not having a boyfriend or experience like a first kiss or something at all. I like a boy, who is my best friend (I know, it's typical) but I don't know if he feels the same way. Sometimes I think so because of the things he says, but you know.. I can't read a guy's mind 😅 To be honest I am not sure how I should deal with it if he has a girlfriend one day, because of course I want him to be happy, but.. the imagination alone gives me stomach ache. He doesn't know what I feel about him and I guess I won't tell him beacuse I don't want to lose him, he is a really great guy and I appreciate him as friend. Maybe you can help me or share your experience like the first kiss, relationship,.. And if you read this far, thanks a lot I really appreciate it
No boyfriend at the age of 16?
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