What do I do? I'm older than my boyfriend?

I'm older than my boyfriend, he is in his 20's and I'm in my 30's.. We've had a hard 2 years together, we broke up in Feb and he came back in April wanting to come back into mine and my daughter's life. He wants to be with me, says he loves me and my daughter. We are trying to see where this goes and he wants kids. I told him that I don't want kids. I already have a child, I'm older and I have stomach problems which wouldn't be a good idea for me to be getting pregnant, etc. I told him this and I said 'I'm not holding you back, you can go meet someone else and have children.' He refuses to and is hoping I change my mind. I'm currently in the middle of finishing my last year of study, my child starting school next year and me starting a career and having a child is not on my list at all. He wants to be with me and see where this goes. I said 'what if in 2 years I still say no? Are you going to walk away then? Because if you are, I would rather discontinue now.' He said 'I don't know, I might just have to live with not having kids.'

I don't know what to do... I love him and I don't want to hold him back from having children with someone else. He says he wants me and loves me. I'm stuck..
What do I do? I'm older than my boyfriend?
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