Advice/Input on Situation and Healing After Rejection?

I need support from you guys. Please offer healing advice
A guy from my past was really awful towards me. Stood me up on a date. Never would take me out. Acted like my existence in his life was just an annoyance so I moved on. I got into a new relationship with a guy that’s really sweet to me. Old guy emails me and practically begs me to be friends with him.
3 years later I’m on a spiritual quest of mending old negative wounds. I reached out to him agreeing to a friendship. Before I know it he’s asking me about my boyfriend, about quality of sex with him when we did it, saying he misses me... and honestly anytime he would offend me I’d block him and go off on him. He would say sorry and I’d be ok with him again. I don't know how but in a sick way I developed feelings for him. So I told him that I liked him and his response was “STFU”... I feel so humiliated. So I blocked him and told him I’d do him a favor and never speak to him again.
I feel so stupid and like such a fool I need support
Advice/Input on Situation and Healing After Rejection?
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