My boyfriend gets real snappy, and I don’t know how to deal with this?

Title says it all, my boyfriends 4 years who I loved dearly for being sensitive and sweet... has turned defensive, moody and ready to snap at me within a moment. It seems like it’s stemming from some type of insecurity and it’s driving me away. I’m a really laid back girl, and not much can offend me unless it’s deliberate.

I will give two examples from the last 24 hours: Last night he was mad he forgot to do his laundry and had to do it late at night. Instead of ask me for help, he did it but was sighing loudly and irritated. I offered to help and he said no. But then he got irritated that a meme on my phone made me laugh, and got MAD that I thought it was funny? He started an entire argument on how he shows me ‘way funnier things and I never laugh’ which is totally untrue. I have no idea on why a person needs to defend what they find funny?

Then tonight he wants to use our juicer that he’s never used before. He starts putting the fruit in without the cup underneath it and so I was like ‘oh oh! Babe cup!’ And instead of just I don't know... putting it underneath or saying thanks- he turns it off and says ‘I don’t need you to fucking micromanage me. I’m not a child’. This seemed out of left field because he didn’t know he forgot the cup, and I wasn’t scolding him. We had such a good day today and he didn’t seem stressed or anything!

Turned into a 2 hour argument on how I’m not suppose to give him advice because he finds it offensive. It’s kind of ironic, because he’s the hovering ‘know it all’ type and I never really get bothered by it.

I’ve brought up his attitude and mood swings and he will not budge on the topic. He just starts pointing out stuff I do wrong and derails the conversation by pointing out anytime I misspeak. His emotions are always the top priority in why his ‘actions are okay’ and yet my feelings about being hurt are always wrong.

I don’t really know how to, and maybe even want to anymore deal with this.
My boyfriend gets real snappy, and I don’t know how to deal with this?
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