How did I get HSV-2?

Please help me serious

My girlfriend has genital herpes now. Located below her vagina. She started to feel ill last Monday (7/27) and got the cyst on Wednesday (7/29).

Last time I had sex with her was (7/25) and (7/23).

She got tested (7/30) and got her results via pcr swab test ((most accurate test)8/01)

She has only been with 2 partners sexually the first being a jailbird who managed to take her virginity last year in march (only had sex once) and me (more times than I can count). She also gave oral sex to an ex boyfriend 3 years ago.

She got tested in may of 2019 and cameback negative. I got tested in 2018 and cameback negative but I did get tested in March 2019 months after having sex with her for the first time and came back positive for HSV-1 but negative for HSV-2. Test results comeback with her being positive with HSV-1 and negative with HSV-2 but I came back positive with both HSV-1 and HSV-2 today. How did I get HSV-2? I only had 2 sexual partners in my life. My ex fiance and my current girlfriend.

I went spent the past month going to so many specialists. Most of them gave me negative advice telling me to leave her because she is from New York and she has a nightlife lifestyle with her girlfriends. My last specialist told me that it was impossible for me to have it before march because I was negative for it at that time. So she told me that I got it in the time period of March-August and I only been with her and she said she never cheated. So whats the deal
How did I get HSV-2?
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