I have opened up to a (lost) friend, did I do a good thing?

Today I did something I wouldn't think I could do. I opened up to a (lost) friend.

Well, it all started 1 year ago. I have met her at work. It was her first day and we talked a bit. After work, we decided to hang out together. We started becoming very close even though I didn't even know her for a day. She tried to kiss me, but I looked away (too early for me). We hung out till it was morning and I had to go because I had an appointment (didn't even sleep).

I only saw her when she worked. That's like 1 day each week. After work, we always hung out outside till it became morning. It was cold so I hugged her tight. This went on for 3 times. After that, she changed.

She became distant towards me. As if she didn't want to be friends. I was very confused but I didn't do anything. It went on for 1 year. It made me very miserable because I really don't like to lose someone. (a month before I met her I broke up with my ex of 8 years because she cheated on me)

Today I opened up about how I felt about our relationship. I told her that she is awkward towards me and that it felt like she is avoiding me which is troubling me. I told her I miss the days where we could just talk to each other, and that she doesn't even look at me anymore when I talk to her.

She said she changed in the past year and she is like that. Met new people etc. And that she is seeing a guy right now.

I told her I just want the awkwardness between us gone and that she shouldn't feel different when she talks to me. I just want to save our friendship. And if she decides she doesn't want to be a friend, that is fine by me. And that I just want to let her know what was troubling me.

After that, I left her alone and walked away and said see you next week at work.

Did I do a good thing? Or should I just have moved on? I really don't need her to be my girlfriend because I myself am not ready yet for another relationship. I just want to become friends again, like having a good time (eating & talking etc).
I have opened up to a (lost) friend, did I do a good thing?
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