Have you been through the same?

It really is scary once you see it all with clearer eyes.

It's nice to finally feel free from these damn abusers.

I used to go over and over in my head about what was wrong with me, because they made me feel like I was the problem.

Just as I'd start to fight back and regain my strength, he would treat me like I'm his entire world, feeding me with how much he needed me, how sorry he was for treating me badly. That was to rope me back into place, and it worked.

He made me isolated from everyone else so he could have me all to himself. Every relationship I tried to have, he accused me of sleeping with them etc, or they wanted me.

So with no friends, I had no one to turn to other than him. He made me feel that HE was all I needed.

He'd put me down, and when I actually faced him and told him that he's nothing but a manipulative liar, he made sure to make me think and feel that it was all in my little head.

They're clever, sadly. I just wish I had woken up from it all before wasting years of my life, hoping that I had finally found someone who understood me.
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Have you been through the same?
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