Would you find this to be disrespectful?

So as a little back ground, this gentlemen was a friend of mine who is much older than me, I am friends with his wife and children. So this was the situation, at the time I was about 21 years old, We were on a road trip. We had made a gas station stop and I didn’t realize he and another gentleman were in a conversation and I walked up to the vehicle that one gentleman was sitting in and my friend was standing near by. I walked over to the gentleman in the car to greet him since he just woke up. My friend looked at me and said “shoo” to me instead of just saying “we’re in a conversation, do you mind leaving? Or can you leave?” I found it to be rude and like I was being looked at as a child and after bringing this to his awareness he only justified it and called me immature. Would this bother you if a friend treated you this way?
Would you find this to be disrespectful?
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