Sorry for the long post, so I need some opinions please?

Im in a long distance relationship rn. Currently I'm able to make it over to see him twice a month ish. my boyfriend lives with a couple roommates, and recently i was there, he had to work so i stayed at at his place while he was working. Later that night his roommates needed to talk to him about something, turns out it was me, they said I'm not 'allowed' there when he's not there, they think I'll steal or w. e else.. My problem.. Now i don't feel comfortable there at all after being accused or pre judged like that. I feel like his roommates are making this like its a huge inconvenience for them even tho i literally NEVER leave his room (except bathroom and shower) Its bothering me cause my boyfriend pays rent, its his apt too, there isn't supposed to be all these rules and conditions. I've been there alone a couple times now and NOTHING has gone missing, I'm always quiet and respectful. And its kind of bothering me that my boyfriend didn't even really defend me, he just kinda was like okay. so now i can't spend the night anymore (cause i need to be able to shower and stuff) and i feel like i dont have a right to use the bathroom anymore, as a result now when i go id have to take the train home at 1 am. I don't know really how to come up with a solution to this problem Cause it really doesn't seem fair, any ideas? Or advice?
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Just to add its a long distance relationship, which already means our time is limited, now that time that was already cut in Half, is now cut in half again. I feel like were moving backwards not forwards uk?
Sorry for the long post, so I need some opinions please?
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