My crush’ best friend likes me. What do I do?

I’m a guy. I’ve had a crush on this girl for quite some time now. Recently I found out that her best friend likes me. I have no interest at all in her best friend. I tried telling her many times that I’m not into her indirectly but she just doesn’t get it. I kinda stopped talking to both a few days ago but it’s really hard since the best friend is my neighbor so I see her almost everyday. I think I definitely have a shot with my crush since before corona she used to be into me but a friend of hers recently told me she doesn’t want anything with anyone right now because of the pandemic (This friend doesn’t know I’m into my crush). I know right now all I can do is wait but I’m afraid that when I do make my move even if she’s into me she’ll say no trying not to hurt her best friend’s feelings. What should I do, I can’t stop overthinking this.
My crush’ best friend likes me. What do I do?
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