Family or boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 1.5yr now and for the past 6/7mths we have started to align well on what we want for the future. And I have also moved in to live with him for the past 5mths, it has definitely strengthened our relationship. For sure, there are a few changes, adaptation and scarifies that we’re making to make this relationship work before we commit on a timeframe for marriage.

We both made it clear that we want marriage and we’re working towards it but we’re still a work in progress.
My family however disapprove of us living together and would like us to expedite the marriage process. Tbh, living here not only strengthens the relationship but I also have a better peace of mind working from home here and have a better mental headspace.
I’ve tried to explain to my family that we are working towards marriage but we cannot guarantee a date but they wouldn't listen and wants me to move back home even though I am still fulfilling my duties as a child (supporting my parents etc.).
I feel really caught in between both parties, both are equally important to me. My boyfriend understands the situation and I would like to continue staying here but my family is continuously blackmailing me emotionally. I’m not sure what I should do?
Family or boyfriend?
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