Am I being too needy?

I started dating this guy about a week ago when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I have been one date with him prior and I do not know that well except through a few church events. I live about eight hours away from and when I brought up the idea to meeting halfway; he said he cannot do it, but it is better for me to visit him when I am back in town. I guess he cannot do it because money is tight.

The problem I face is that he does not have good communication with me or when he does talk it is about random stuff I do not care about i. e. telling me how much his dad makes, etc. Whenever I text him he does not respond until up to four hours later when he is with the guys. I just want to spend time with him. Whenever I suggest a date night he always says me no because its guy night and guys night is 2-3 days a week; then he spends time with his family for another 1-2 days a week. I get it when you want to spend time with the guys and his family. When I suggest a date and he agrees, but then puts it off because has dinner plans with his family. I just feel like I am a second priority to him. I understand he has not been in relationship in over six years. Any advice is obliged. Do I sound too needy because I want to spend more time with him? Should I just ignore him or what should I do? I feel like he is just not ready for a relationship.
Am I being too needy?
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