Now what? I have never met a man who can help me improve my life? Why can't I find a man to improve my life in anyway?

I am a little depressed, I have only one job offer It's almost a shoen to get the job And I had the scariest realization. I have never had a man in my personal life help to improve my life in a drastic way that would make them worthy of dating.

I am learning as an adult that apparently some people improve men, I would like to but they fight with you on being a man or feeling superior honestly and I don't know what to tell them even if they're dead wrong because some of them get there feelings hurt and go away. And I mean, absolutely no man has improved my life. I have been homeless and I cannot believe that someone would for a second say they are there for me and they love me and then just not ask about my whereabouts or anything like that and then they are scared of you using them but you're like homeless?

And honestly there is such demonic activity and I've never been supersticious and a skeptic but there are actually people trying to stalk and harass me and always make me feel alienated just being in a ghetto neighborhood latino and African immigrant (haitian and jamaican because I ados African American) and honestly no matter where I have traveled on the East coast, they have actually huddled around me, te uber drivers, the plane people, etc and have reminded me of embarassing things that I have no idea how they would no and then get others to join them and its so sad and disgusting and honestly my father passed away believing that I didn't really care about him? and saying weird things and he was so so so healthy and now I hear these things and its like my mother who i never realizaed what was wrong with her just now sees these things and goes along with it. I trusted one person to be there for me and they were so harsh to me and just blocked me again after i seriously considered moving in with them and leaving who spoke to me eveyrday and we like took care of each other emotionally. But he knew I was struggling, knew my father passed when I was in highschool.
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And on top of that why does it have to be a man? I can get these things on my own but does it hurt and do they and the screeching individuals.
Now what? I have never met a man who can help me improve my life? Why can't I find a man to improve my life in anyway?
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