Am I bipolar? Is it normal to behave like this?

I think I'm bad in everything including my relationships with people. I started to hate my personality for that. I don't understand myself!
Every time I try to be social and get more friends, I talk a lot about me and I feel comfortable at the beginning. Everything seems good when I talk to them but later when I'm alone by myself I regret everything that I've said so I keep my distance after that and I start thinking about removing those people from my life.
I sometimes wake up between sleeping and take weird decisions like ending my friendships with people or blocking people without a reason. I feel like I can't get along with anyone I feel like I'm a psycho by doing that. I do all of that even though they didn't do anything to me but I get many doubts in people and I regret everything that I did or said with people!
The question is why the fuck am I doing that? why did I talk to those people if I'm gonna regret all of that later? why do I always leave them without an explanation? why do I feel uncomfortable when I know people?
I even sometimes wish that they delete my chats and our pictures together from their phone cause I don't want to leave anything about me in their life. I don't know what's wrong and why do I have trust issues that much?
I also lost interest in people, hobbies, and everything quickly!
I sometimes feel like I'm so happy without a reason and I do several things in one day, and I feel active without sleeping and sometimes I feel like I'm depressed and I sleep several days without doing anything.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I even get suicidal thoughts a lot because of depression.
PS: I'm taking several medications I used to take prednisone (steroids) for more than a year and I stopped it from a few days and I take allergy drugs all the time cause I'm allergic to several things and finally I take Isotretinoin/Roaccutane for acne.
I read that all those medicines had many side effects that could affect people's mental health!
Am I lost?
Am I bipolar? Is it normal to behave like this?
Am I bipolar? Is it normal to behave like this?
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