Does my boyfriend love me, use me or fool me?

Does my boyfriend love me, use me or fool me?
I met a very handsome foreign man and immediately fall into him, however I am confused if he love me, use me or fool me?

On our first date, we immediately had sex and he was lashing out his failures and dreams in life. He was talking most about hi while I was only listening. After that, he became my boyfriend. He has health problem and so I did helped him in applying for a medical insurance. After a week, he ask to borrow money from me to pay for his house rent. And, I noticed when we went to eat in a restaurant he asked me to pay for all the orders and seems like he doesn’t care about it. A month after, he asked me to have a motorbike loan, cook and clean for him, rent car, register for business and have a bank loan or find investors. Me without hesitation did helped him a lot.

Few months, after I noticed him being demanding in meeting at night or sleeping over in his house. If I don’t, he gets overly mad and threatening me to find other girls. But if I comply to all his demands and wishes, he says to me that he loves me a lot and he wants to marry me one day and make a family with me.

However, while we are in a inclusive relationship and was able to met his friends and sister. I still noticed him Texting or chatting with other girls which he proclaimed as friends. I caught him cheating on bed for one time but I forgave him. He did really work on that, he tried to cook for me and Clean for me and treats me like a princess.

But few months after, I lost a lot of money due to a scam investment and had loans. I wasn’t able to give him anymore money. He got mad and most of the time insulting me useless. One day, I found him cheating again with another woman who has more money. And he left me for her. He said he already get what he wants in a girlfriend.
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He then make a business with this other woman.
Does my boyfriend love me, use me or fool me?
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