How attentive are you to other people's moods or needs?

How attentive are you to other peoples moods or needs?
How about you? Do you notice people's moof right away? Do you think its a skill people have or dont have? Do you believe as I do that it is a skill that can be learned and improved?

I am very attentive and for the most part I can respond accordingly. If the matter is very complicated I'll tell the individual to give me some time to think about it and let me get back to them with a clear head.

I've been having an off sort of week mood swings and in general not feeling well. thanks to female issues, the changes in weather and the start of the new school year.

Its been hard for me to focus or keep up with things.

I spent a few days trying to get my partner's attention but his attention has was mostly on sports. Today I awoke crampy nauseous stomach hurting and back hurting. Sometimes my cycle hits me with similar symptoms of a common cold stomach bug or pregnancy. Thankfully this is rare but when it happens it sucks!

I mentioned not feeling well to some peeps on GAG who were just seeking advice or wanting to chat. However it was as if I didn't even speak. They continued with their conversation.

I mentioned my mood to my partner and the response " I'm not sure what to tell you"
I've learned this means "I don't know how to make you feel better" but I still hate that line. I was told to go lay down. I said That's not going to help I need snuggle time but I was told there was much chores to be done.

Finally feeling rather dismissed I gave into the one behavior I detest to allow myself to do... I started to cry. I hate crying in front of others.

I feel it shouldn't take a person to start crying for a person to notice someone or something isn't right... But then again maybe I'm being unfair and too emotional.

Just because I notice people's feelings doesn't mean everyone naturally do as well.

So are you attentive? Do you believe emotional attentiveness is a skill that some have others dont and do you believe with some practice this can be improved?
I noticed immediately and am very good at responding accordingly.
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I noticed but I'm not the best at knowing how to respond
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I sometimes do miss other people's moods but when brought to my attention I do respond accordingly.
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I sometimes do miss other people's moods and when brought to my attention I am not the best at knowing how to respond.
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I'm oblivious to other people's moods.
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Many times I am just not in the mood to deal with moods.
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How attentive are you to other people's moods or needs?
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