Is it normal for my fiancée to have never set his profile picture of us together?

The thing that frustrates me is that literally everyone I know, around my age, who is in a relationship, engaged, or married has a profile picture with their S/O. I’m talking about guys here. Of course my female friends and acquaintances do too. But it kind of shocks me that I seldom come across a man’s facebook who doesn’t have a picture with their girlfriend/wife, whatever. In all of my 5 years with my fiancée he has never had a profile picture of the two of us. He has only once in our time together posted a selfie of us and that was the first few months we were dating. I’m not desperate for him to show me off or to make our relationship public. But it doesn’t seem normal to me that he doesn’t take pictures with me and has never had his profile picture set to one of us. It’s definitely no secret to other people that we were in a relationship and are now engaged. Im not worried that he’s hiding me or embarrassed of me. But that’s why I don’t understand why he doesn’t seem to care about having a picture of us. It bothers me even more when his friends change their profile picture to one with their girlfriend and he “likes” it. He hops on the bandwagon for damn near everything else, but not this. We also just got engagement pictures done & I was hoping this would encourage him to use one of them as his profile picture, but still nothing. I don’t thinks it’s appropriate to ask him to set his profile picture as the two of us, but I don’t think it’s fair me to feel this way either. Do girls make their boyfriends do this? Or do guys just do it voluntarily? I’m genuinely curious if girls just make guys do it, but that seems so wrong in my opinion. The longer our relationship gets the more bothered I become. It’s such a simple gesture, literally one of those little things. And please don’t tell me I’m overreacting. We’ve been together over 5 years. It’s not like I’m wanting him to have a joint Facebook account with me lmao.
Is it normal for my fiancée to have never set his profile picture of us together?
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