What to do with ‘friends’ who make you feel like you’re not wanted?

I had these two ‘friends’ who I was close with for a few years. However - they started going places without inviting me, would ignore my comments in the groupchat and would reply to each other etc.

They seem to rely on each other, meanwhile I was lucky enough to have sports to keep me occupied for most of the summer and as a result I felt as if I had been shunned by them, for going to events with my teammates instead of relying solely on them.

One of these girls’ sisters birthday was in August and she told in the groupchat that it had been cancelled due to covid restrictions, which was fair enough. Long story short, she lied to me and I found out on social media it went ahead and she invited the other girl, which to me was a massive slap in the face.

These are the sort of girls who go out of their way to bitch about girls from high school who didn't invite them to their small parties of their close friends (mind you we’ve left school over 5 years ago and they didn’t make the effort to talk to girls from school either so why should they be invited in the first place?).

Am I wrong for being done and just blanking them now?
What to do with ‘friends’ who make you feel like you’re not wanted?
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