Girl has Guy, has crush on me & then?

I met a girl roughly a year ago (we work for same company but in different locations), instantly i was attracted to her. I didn’t see her again for a few months & then we worked together a few more times.
By this point i had a big time crush on her, but i had no idea how she felt or her situation so i left it.

About 6 months passed without seeing her but i worked with one of her colleagues. i told him i liked her in an indirect way (just said she’s cool, funny & interesting). Then a couple of months ago we worked together & this time it was flirty in nature, by the end of the day she had said we should exchange numbers.

From here we began talking frequently over message and calls & arranged to meet up, She told me she had a crush on me & liked me a lot, i obviously reciprocated... but she then told me she was engaged to get married next year.

Things cooled down for a few days after this but then she began messaging again & was getting more open/sexual in nature, asking about my preferences & discussing hers. I was in two minds, this girl is not like any girl i’ve met in the last 5+ years, she’s very similar to me. But at same time her situation is a can of worms.
We continued talking& then this weekend she went out with friends & had a melt down... wanted to know on the spot what “we” were doing & if i had feelings & she was feeling guilty but at same time wanted to know what i wanted to do.

I told her to enjoy her time with friends & we could talk next day. We did & i told her that i don’t want to be reason for her engagement to breakdown & i felt like pressure was on me. i feel like i’ve already done wrong in this scenario by continuing to talk whilst knowing she had a man.
But i did say i would like it if we could be friends, she was fine with this but said we shouldn't talk as much now.

She agreed but since then i have not heard from her. I now feel like shit & feel like i’ve lost out on something that could of been great, Did i do the right thing?
Girl has Guy, has crush on me & then?
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