How to not catch feelings for a friends with benefits?

I have wanted someone to guide me through losing my virginity for quite some time, but I’ve never met someone I want to be in a stable relationship with. About a week ago I met a guy on Tinder who is extremely sweet and attractive and our humor goes well together, but he just got out of a long term relationship. His ex still lives with him and won’t be out for a while due to financial reasons, so they both agreed not to officially date anyone until she moves out to make it more fair for everyone involved. I respect their decision, but I wasn’t looking for a friends with benefits situation. However, he didn’t tell me about his situation until we met for the first time, which then made me want to reconsider, but I can’t help but be attracted to him. He took my first kiss and made it feel like it was something out of a movie, then the next night we made out in a parking lot and went a little further with our touching advances. I didn’t gain feelings because of that, but we went out to a theme park with a friend of mine before the parking lot scenario happened and he made me feel extremely loved with the amount of touching and sweet advances he was making on me in public (and in front of a friend for that matter). I’m still not sure how I feel, but I think I might be gaining feelings for him. He told me he would drop me if either of us gain feelings for eachother before his ex moves out because it wouldn’t be fair to the one that has feelings, so I’m scared to even express this to him in the slightest because I don’t want him to leave me even as a friend. I saw on snapchat that he’s currently at someone else’s house, and I know he’s been seeing more people than just me, which didn’t bug me until today since I’m starting to feel something towards him. I just need advice on how to go about going further with him without getting too attached, since I both don’t want to lose him, and also don’t want to get hurt.
How to not catch feelings for a friends with benefits?
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