What does it mean to be boyfriend/girlfriend?

We're both early 20s We've been lovers for 7 months now and she told me she loves me 2 months ago. gawd, I like this woman! However, I didn't reciprocate the words as I didn't wanna give her a false commitment. Truly I wanna test the waters before jumping in. I ask her where she sees herself in the next 6 months with me. She answers 'maybe we can be boyfriend/girlfriend' she also fears and tells me that I can leave if I don't want to be boyfriend/girlfriend. Is this a teaser for monogamy? Something Exclusive? She's monogamous However I told her I'm not & I am seeing other women. So I really I don't know what being a boyfriend is? Is being a boyfriend mean that you're promising her that you'll be with her and marry her? or is being a boyfriend mean yes we can fuck around more else goodbye I want something serious? Or being a boyfriend means I love her too? Please help asap.
What does it mean to be boyfriend/girlfriend?
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