Should men still be considering marriage?

With the recent changes in the movement for women’s rights the world of relationships has become significantly better for women meanwhile for men marriage has become harder and the consequences more significant.

Women’s goal and purpose used to be to find a good man that will treat them right while building a family. Men were expected to protect and provide for these families. In an effort to get said women men would better themselves getting better jobs, being respectful, building a strong social circle... now though with women being able to be as financially stable as men, with women being more interested in being wild and not settling down , with women more focused on things like looks and love men are having more and more trouble living up to their standards and thus have decided to remain uninvested in the things women want.

But lets say a man has hit the jackpot got his queen and is a good man. If an issue happens say covid and their stuck together too long unable to vent or they fall out of love and they split the man is still not in the clear. If the marriage fails the man will generally end up paying to keep the woman living at her current level. If they had kids 85% of the time the woman will get 50% or more custody and the man will almost always end up paying thousands for the child while being an incomplete part of the child’s life.

The world and even the law stand for women against men. A woman can make fake claims of rape and the man can lose it all. Even when the allegations are false and proven false the men generally will not be able to recover without a significant investment in time and money. This causes the relationship between men and women to be shaky enough that many men are playing it safe and just done...

What do you say to these men to bring them back to the table? What do you have to offer to make it worth men’s time and risk? I’m very curious as I’m on the fence myself.
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I understand WHO you marry matters but if the overall idea men have about women and the value of marriage is low then who is unimportant next to why. Why should I risk all this to get married? This is the question ide like answered.
Should men still be considering marriage?
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