My older boyfriend starting to have issues. Need relationship advice?

So we have a age gap relationship. I'm not revealing numbers so don't ask. We are both grown adults. I'm really not blaming his age... because I'm starting to see the PERSON that he is. So we had a few issues I brought up. The main one's being trust and his sketchy behavior. He has been divorced more than twice... However, I know the reasons why.
1. He decided to jump the gun on all 3 relationships.
2. He married terrible excuses for women who now manipulate to keep his kids away from him AND got him into drugs and other problems putting him in jail.(purposefully) 3. He doesn't believe in trust.
I was telling him about his said sketchy behavior. (With his phone, and women in his life) he denied it and reassured me. I also brought up that I was upset he didn't trust me. I understand how he wouldn't since he chose to marry 3 whore women, but I'm younger and I have had a lot of terrible relationships myself and that I just got out of a long 5 year relationship that ended badly. ( We were going to get married but didn't)
After I told him that and how I understood why he didn't trust me, he then proceeded to say,
"You don't understand what it's like! You have never been married! How long have you been dating? Not long enough! You don't know what it's like to be hurt or betrayed and have someone walk out on you! You are inexperienced... You probably just thought you should get married because you didn't know any better!" I feel you shouldn't say something like that to anyone of any age.. he basically told me that any relationship or experience I have been through doesn't count.
He also came from a household that had several divorces. I did not. The main issue for me is that he doesn't trust me... didn't trust the last one. He's jumping into relationships with no foundation of trust and it's the most stupid thing I have ever seen, ESPECIALLY for someone older. Any advice? We are still working on us but... I don't see it working. Ever. Should I stay or go?
My older boyfriend starting to have issues. Need relationship advice?
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