Do you often dream about your exes?

I get sick of seeing those hoes tbh lol.
The ones of my first ex is always about him making me date him again. The one this weekend was crazy. I was happy to be with him. I mean I guess i was always happy with him in real life until he pressured me into sex or i found out he was cheating with my friend. Anyways, in that dream, we’re all happy and crap to be dating again. Next thing i know, he says he’s dying. Suddenly he turns into a baby in my arms and i carry him to a hospital. I don't know if he died but i go to my likw a PO box/bank or sumn the next day and theyre like, “he left something for you.” They open this vault and money spills out everywhere. Im like holy smokes 😂 im too scared to spend it cause it might be dirty money haha. Sad he may have died tho.
The dreams with my 2nd ex gives me nightmares because he's constantly rejecting getting back together. Like I emotionally left that relationship long before we broke up, but i just didn't wanna let go physically because i hated to start over with someone new. Like i was too comfortable and stuff. I hurt him with some stuff i said “after our first time” but he deserved it for how he treated me when he thought I was preggers. Anyways, tired of dreams of him rejecting me when I rejected him first lmao. And he's always tryna rub a new girl in my face, like lmao you can have that man child.
Lastly, i constantly dream about my first childhood crush. Its like never about us as kids but as adults. he's so wishy washy and wants to be together one moment but is dodging me the next. Its honestly annoying at this point. Yet it often ends with credits rolling (like a movie) and one of my fave songs playing in the background
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I think we’ve established that i meant nightmare when i said dream. I didn't think we were differentiating the fact that im just tryna say that the mfs still appear in my visions when i sleep even if i dont speak or think of them while awake
Do you often dream about your exes?
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