Are we supposed to be together?

There’s this guy I’ve always talked to/ hung out w since like 2 years ago and we still are in each others lives a little even after these years. We’re super flirty and lovey when together, but he’s never talked about dating. I feel like there’s a reason we’re still seeing each other years later, and I’m wanting to make him mine... Should I put in more effort and try harder to get my feelings across? I haven’t really done that, like actually tried to see him more. And him too. I just don’t want an opportunity to slip away if we’re supposed to be together
1 mo
Yeah I agree, it’s just a weird situation. Like whenever we hangout which isn’t all the time but it’s when we can, and we act as if we are dating which is just weird to me. I can also seeing it being something like he’s bored or just wants attention for a little bit
Are we supposed to be together?
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