Why would my boyfriend?

So my boyfriend isn't extremely close to his family, but they do talk on the phone a few times a month.
My boyfriend and I are in a LDR. He has a habit of calling me every day to tell me good morning like clockwork.
Today is his birthday, and instead of calling his family like most people would do, he called me as usual. I was the first person to tell him Happy Birthday as well. 🥰
My question is... Do you believe this is a sign that he's IN love with me and is afraid of being vulnerable with me?
We've been together for almost a year and he treats me like a queen.
The only reason I'm curious is because he told me at one point that he has a lot of love for me and the way he said it was softer and he called me by my name and not my nickname.
I'm confused.
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Is there a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone? Sorry for coming off clueless. I've been on one serious relationship and that turned south after 10 years. So experiencing someone else loving me is hard for me to understand.
Why would my boyfriend?
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