Did he really love me?

I just can't understand this and I can't understand men thinking..
My boyfriend ( we broke up now) he was cool with me and cared about me always and he seemed like he really loved me i think.. even we knew that we have to do really an effort for being together because we were in ldr and he is living in a foreign country and he is not good financially.. i was always supporting him and understanding him and I was always with him in his hard time..
Suddenly he changed after he met his new friends from his country, he get a negative comments about our relationship from them like it's possible for being with him and it's better if he get married from this country that he lives in it now.. that's what they told him... after this he changed..
After we broke up when I asked him why he wanted to break up, he said that he can't wait for me and he doesn't have enough for money for marry with me and live with him there and he said that his conclusion that he have to marry with a woman from this country for living there even that it will hurt him... those was his last words to me..
I'm really confused about if he really loved me and all what we had together was not true, I'm really broken..
Did he really love me?
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