Is he worth my confession? Please I need help?

To be brief, he liked me, he told his friends about me, he flirted, I chickened out and didn't respond to his flirting, i acted like I dont like him, he started acting like he doesn't like me, i still know he does.
I flirted with too many guys that I had a hoe reputation in the school (feels like hell but anw I deserve it). Then if I'm talking with some guy alone, he'd come and tell them to stop talking to that kind of girl 'me' ( I don't know jokinly or not). We didn't talk much last year. This year we're talking more (friendly). I just can't stop my feelings anymore and I know that neither he does.
I want to confess to him so bad but I keep saying that he doesn't respect me (based on what he would say when he finds me talking to a guy) also why didn't he confess or just try to make me like him ( he thinks i dont)?
Please dont come at me at my flirtings with guys or hiding my feelings I already hate myself for that
Is he worth my confession? Please I need help?
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