Do I love harder than most people or am I normal?

I'm not saying this in a way where i'm saying that i do or don't its why i'm asking the question, basically when i love someone or care about them i can't just let go, my first ever relationship i was with year and a half, it took me 4 years to get over him, while he had a new girlfriend within a week and literally didn't give two shits about me, and this has happened quite a lot, any relationships i've had where I've loved them or had deep emotion, it takes me months if not years to not hold onto the person even though i know they don't care about me back,
is this normal? Also it consumes my mind to the point i can't concentrate on anything or take my mind of it, all i can think about is that person and how they betrayed me or what happened.

Thing is i rarely like people and when i do it seems to hit me hard, also these guys told me they wanted me to be their future wife they loved me and hadn't felt this way before, etc so its not like it wasn't intense, most ended because they changed towards me or were abusive and just seemed like they didn't care anymore and they all replaced me within seconds, so unlike them its hard for me to just let go.
Do I love harder than most people or am I normal?
Its normal can take me years to move on
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its kind of normal but sounds like you have a harder time moving on than most
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its not normal
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Do I love harder than most people or am I normal?
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