Ex has male friend and I can’t tell if he’s Gay or not?

My ex and I have taken a break and she wanted me to fight for her back and I refused. Next thing I know she’s hanging out with a guy. She keeps him hidden mostly on social media but they do exchange comments here and there.
At first I was upset because he’s a good looking guy and I just assumed she moved on. Then she try’s an obvious make me jealous stunt showing him off to me on social media after I reached out and she ignored my text.
One of our mutual friends saw her at a party and they were both very touchy feely and grinding on the dance floor with eachother and my friend asked if that was her boyfriend and her response was that he was her “brother”.
So I then find out his name and do some stalking of my own. Turns out this guy has a few gay friends mixed with straight friends. About 3 or 4 gay to be exact. These guys are very obviously gay some more than others but there social media profiles give it away.
Then I find out his online username that he used a few different times on different social media platforms and websites and one of them is linked to a gay forum and that specific username owner is very gay. Openly gay and talks about relationships with men and being gay, etc. I’m not 100% if he is linked to that profile but I mean what are the odds.
What makes me doubt this though is that his public social media accounts give no signals of being gay at all except for the fact that he’s best friends with a few gay guys.
I'm not familiar with gays so some insight would be nice.
Ex has male friend and I can’t tell if he’s Gay or not?
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