First Kiss Issues?

So there is a boy that I really like, and have liked since I met him nearly 4 years ago. He comes over to my house sometimes and he gets real flirty with me. I act like I don’t notice, but the last few times he has come over, he has told me that he wants to kiss me. I have never kissed anyone so I have no clue how to. I get nervous every time he brings it up. The first time that he almost kissed me, I shoved Goldfish in his face. Today, when he came over, he tried to kiss me, but when he was inches away from my face, I freaked out and moved away. I just don’t want him to think I am a bad kisser. I am a nervous person in general, always worrying about something, but I know that if I don’t figure this out soon, then he will move on. Any ideas on how to make my first kiss go smooth without me freaking out?
First Kiss Issues?
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