Should I trust my boyfriend?

my boyfriend used to make me heavy jokes which made me stop trust him a lot because of that, since he used to joke with things like "can I have two girlfriends?" or" can I have * insert his friend's name * as a girlfriend "and things like that although he always said that they were jokes but that caused me to lose my trust towards him, not long ago we almost broke up because of that since I told him that I did not trust him so he asked me if I wanted to start from scratch so that he could show me that I could trust him and I accepted, when I accepted I realized that he had sent me a message a day before saying "we have to talk..." and I asked him about it "he replied" During the time that you are my girlfriend there is and there will be no other Eh certain things XD "I asked him what he meant but he said" Hey! Remember that we left the past eh "and I don't know what to think since he was joking with one of his new friends not long ago I had agreed to start from zero
Should I trust my boyfriend?
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