I don’t want to apologize to his family, am I wrong?

So one day we went to take my boyfriends dog get sterilized and check my cat... I thought i could leave my cat there. He started work at 7 but was waiting for me. I was in the clinic waiting for them to call my cat bc I thought they gonna call her to take her to a cage. It was like 7:30 and they called my cat but not to put her in a cage but to inspect her immediately... Soo i knew he was going to get pissed... when the inspection was done i went to his car and told him to leave. He got pissed and at that moment I realized I didn’t have my phone I told him I couldn’t find my phone. He didn’t care... i told him to pls call my mom and come pick me up bc I couldn’t contact her. And what made me mad and scared that he knew i had no phone, no way to contact anyone. At the end my mom and my brother came to pick me up.. my mom didn’t like what happend to she called his mom. Lot’s happened and I wanted to break up. After a week we started talking again and we wanna try again but he says i gotta apologize to his family and I don’t want to apologize. I gotta apologize to his mom bc i involved her in the problem and i have no prproblem apologizing to his mom. But i also gotta apologize to his dad and sister bc they didn’t like the reason why i broke up with him and bc i made a big deal about it. But I don’t want to.. I’m a doing wrong?
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Sorry I forgot to add that he went to work/school and left me at the veterinarian by myself without a phone. He said that work/school is more important then me and that i no one will ever come before his school. Right now we doing work that counts as school points. That’s why i put work/school... his family says that i gotta remember that school comes first and that’s why they mad bc I shouldn’t of made it a big deal
I don’t want to apologize to his family, am I wrong?
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