Am I the sidechick, what is going on?

So there’s this guy who i’ve known for a while now from college i never took notice of him but i always knew he found me attractive. Anyways he was ina. 3 year relationship with a girl who cheated on him and he just got out of it. It’s confusing i don’t know if they’re on and off it’s weird. Anyways during this time me and him have been making out a lot and being flirty and just getting along and speaking and he’s been asking to meet which i said no to due to his ex.

The other day i was honest and told him i wanted him and he said it’s too soon after his ex. i told him this at a party. After i told him this at the party we played spin the bottle and i had to kiss someone and he got so mad about it.

since he rejected me the next few days after i got with this guy ( since i’m single ) he found out about it and he got mad at me. messaging me yesterday trying to test me saying ‘what did you do on Saturday then’ when he knows i got with someone else and wouldn’t stop asking. We have been speaking everyday but he was literally with his ex the other day while speaking to me. Is he confused? Does he know what he wants? i feel like i’m just in a love triangle or something. He tells me he does not want me but gets jealous and tries to go on my phone and kisses me and stuff and texts me everyday but i know he still has a bit there for his ex. We haven’t slept together yet because he’s got a lot going on.
Am I the sidechick, what is going on?
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