She’s bi 🧐, but?

Ok, so I work with this girl at my job. Cute with some sass. We vibe and tbh nice to be around. Plus I simply love how she just attaches herself to me. Now I’ve been single for almost 2 years (due to a bad relationship just been working on myself). Now I’ve talked to women here and there and I can say they’ve lit sparks, but just to disappear just as fast. I’m not rushing cuz I’m in no position to rush into anything.

One of my co-workers actually tried to shoot his shot and she basically said no cuz he was younger (18). She’s 23 by the way. He tried putting me on the spot. Which tbh I get but with me sitting not far from their conversation I knew she was gunna bs that convo.

She ended up saying I was too old which I turned around and said “oh I’m old huh?” And pretty much ignored her for a while (30 mins). I’m 28 by the way. I didn’t take offense cuz we’ve gotten close and at times I think she kinda feels the same as me, like I really dig this smart mouth women.

So I asked her out to brunch and she said she was bi and that she was going to hang with this girl this weekend and asked if we could reschedule. I wasn’t mad nor upset because she had to have known I liked her to tell me she was bi and still asked to reschedule. Like do y’all understand? She could have told me no or she wasn’t interested. Plus it was better then hearing she was straight gay or she was already taken by a guy. What do you guys think?
She’s bi 🧐, but?
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