Guy avoided me after discovering feelings?

Guy friend discovered I had feelings (indirectly, I never admit I had) after he met a girl and I totally refused being his “love advisor”. It was weird time but then I’ve been acting friendly and totally normally for a long time. We went on a weekend to a village together, he have been around me, not other friends, talking more explicitly and teasing me the way he never did, almost flirty, while I’ve been a perfect friend, not invading his space, not flirting, just chilling. We had fun and came back and now he became distant. He said I didn’t do anything but he didn’t feel his true self around me and soon we will meet to discuss it. Also I don’t think he wants to save our friendship, we are not friends anymore... And it’s all happened because I said not to talk to me about girls! We have million topics together and during that weekend we’ve been having a lot of fun (he have been himself for sure)! How would you interpret his attitude and why is he so weird? P. S. he is indeed into the girl as far as I know
Guy avoided me after discovering feelings?
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