Does my boyfriend loves me or not?

So me and my boyfriend we are in LDR. We've been together for about 1 year but I think I didn't know him that much.

We rarely meet each other since we're busy working. But I want to keep this relationship going so I always text him first even though it's not everyday. But he seldom reply and he always tell me that he's busy and he also need 'me-time' after work. He wanted to play games.

Hence, I tried to compromise and will only wait for his text. But he only text like once or twice in a month. Even whenever I text first, he never replies.

I believe that he will not cheat on me, but the thing is, does it hard to make some time for the one that you love? It really makes me feel insecure whether I am worthy enough to be loved. I feel like I am lacking in everything that's why he get bored of me.

I just want to talk with him, want to know how his day was, little things. Am I being too clingy? Does he even sincerely love me?
Does my boyfriend loves me or not?
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