My boyfriend when I tell him no , gets mad?

Earlier today he asked me to buy his an series 5 Xbox I said no he has his own money buy it yourself I don’t have no money rn , as soon as I said that he was posting stuff basically saying if he don’t get it he’s gonna cheat so I told him do what he wanna do idc , he kept going saying he should’ve never told me how much money he has cause I’m acting funny but it’s not that he hasn’t spent any money on me the 2 years we’re together but wants me to use all my money on him like no. Now he’s talking about getting new girls and all this bs having a temper tantrum cause I’m not doing as he says , he been wanting sex I haven’t been feeling it so I said no he tries to argue and say I must be doing something behind his back cause I don’t wanna do it when he says let’s do it.
My boyfriend when I tell him no , gets mad?
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