Am I wrong to get mad?

My boyfriend and I joke a lot but just now. I forgot what I had said to him before I bawled my eyes out but he said to me “that’s why your dad should’ve pulled out” it upset me cause it makes me think that he doesn’t want to be with me or think some other stuff. I’m currently on my period and I get emotional during it but am I overthinking what he’s said to me or should I grow some balls and harden up? He claims it was a joke and that I take things to seriously but I actually got hurt from that cause I actually do feel like I’m useless on earth. Though I’ve just started to get my life back on track, words or little sarcastic shit like that hurts me. I don’t find what was said funny at all. He’s now currently angry that I got upset and is doing what he usually does, ignores me. But am I really over reacting?
Am I wrong to get mad?
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