It's been two years and I still think about him, what should I do?

I met this boy in my first year of university 3 years ago. We dated briefly for a month or so but nothing really came of it, though we did stay friendly and in touch afterwards. Fast forward a year and he asks me out again, to which I agreed and we dated again for a couple of months (nothing official). Then he admitted some issues he had to me with his mental health and his family brought him home from uni and after that we lost touch. I was heartbroken, honestly, because I'd really started to fall for this guy and then he was gone and I couldn't do anything to help. He was constantly on my mind, so much so I deleted him off some social media and buried myself into another relationship (the worst thing to do, I know). At the time I didn't realise I was still pining after him but when certain things would happen and I'd think of him and not my boyfriend, I knew something was up. Fast forward another year, over lockdown I broke it off with my boyfriend, we'd completely grown apart. And recently this boy from 3 years ago has got back in touch with me, doing better, and he wants to meet up. I've suddenly realised this is what I've been waiting for for two years, but now its actually happening I'm terrified of it going wrong again. We've already had two attempts and each time something got in the way. I want to see him more than anything, but I'm so worried about putting my heart on the line again when I was so heartbroken last time. Any advice?
It's been two years and I still think about him, what should I do?
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