Is it time to break up, or am I overreacting?

Lately my boyfriend and I have been arguing non stop. This all started exactly 1 week ago when I presented to him perfectly valid concerns.

To provide context, I am 27 and my boyfriend will be turning 28 soon. I am a paralegal and I will be applying to law school in the upcoming weeks. I want to start thinking about career opportunities, marriage, starting a family etc. things that couples our age should be thinking about, especially since we have been together for 3 years. My boyfriend has never expressed anything remotely serious about his future. He makes small comments here and there but nothing concrete. He has always said he wants to get married and start a family but I don't see him working for that. He never went to school (which is okay) and he currently works a part time in retail. I had been feeling like we were stuck in the same routine, without creating a plan for the future so I openly expressed that to him. He revealed to me something completely shocking, that he wants to pursue a career in FILM. Mind you again, he has never had experience in that industry, did not go to school for that, does not have any connections so I panicked. I felt like he threw a complete 180 on the future we had somewhat planned together.

I told him that I felt like he was risking and gambling our future together so I told him he either picks me, or the film industry. I felt horrible giving this ultimatum but I just felt as though he has never even worked for this supposed dream, so how dare he start now when I talk to him about serious things like moving out and getting married etc.

It's been a week and we continue to bicker endlessly about everything. Is this a problem that has a solution? What could be done to remedy this? Is it worth trying to fix?
Is it time to break up, or am I overreacting?
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