Why do I always date men much older than me?

Im actually 22 not under 18 but that's another story.

The relationship im in now with my boyfriend is the smallest age gap I've ever dated in. My boyfriend is 27.

People make the assumption i have daddy issues or these guys are creeps but it's not that a lot of the time it's uncontrolled feelings. Most these men confessed their feelings but didn't want anything to happen as at the time some of these guys were around when i was under age or just tooooo young for them.

It all started when i got to 15/16 years old. Puberty hit me like a train. I had a womens body and a teenage girls mind. Plus i had to wear school uniform which just extremely inappropriate on me compared to the other girls. Id get attention everywhere not but i wanted it. Id have lolly drivers chatting me up out their car windows on my way to school.

I've also always been a lot more maturer than others my age. Id travelled to over 16 different countries before i was 20 and grow up being made to watch the news everyday so i was always a lot more intellectual than most my age. Most my friends were older than me and im the youngest im my family so I've always felt like I've needed to catch up with them and do the things they were doing.

I understand that adult and children relationships are extremely wrong now but back then i didn't really realise how inappropriate it was.

The first guy was my music teachers son. I was 15 and he was 23. He had a girlfriend but would follow me around everywhere and even whispered in my ear "i know you fancy me". I was completely shocked and scared. I shouted at him and he ran away.

Then i started a new school when i was 16 and my 21 year old chaperone started to gain feelings for me. I liked him too but we got too close and he got very over protective as i had a eating disorder and was being bullied at school. He went to far with one of my bullys and we decided he should quick his job and stay away from each other.
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After that i stayed away from men completely for years. I fell in love for the first time when i was 19 with another boy more similar in age to me. He broke my heart and i never wanted to date again.

After that i rebounded with a 29 year old photographer. Things were really toxic and he was never around. We were both two broken, lonely, people.

After i started to clean my life up and better myself when i was ready i dated again and i gained a lot of attention from older guys again.
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Luckily now I've met the love of my life and i don't see us ever going different ways. Him and me are best friends and are extremely close. He's amazing and i love him like crazy.

We have a 5 year age gap and he's older than both my older stisters and their partners. We don't care to much but he did say he found it strange i only date guys a lot older than me.
Why do I always date men much older than me?
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