I’m a little bisexual but I still love God?

I’m perfectly ok when people in Asia are against Gay or Lesbian marriage in Asian countries because Asian culture is considered very conservative. I understand most people with religion are against it. But sometimes you can’t help but feel some small attraction to the same sex. I’m mostly straight (I’m extremely attracted to guys way more than girls). 90% attracted to guys and 10% attracted to girls. The funny thing is I don’t feel like having a girlfriend because the attraction is not that strong enough to make me wanna pursue a lesbian relationship. Small crushes does happen, but my face didn’t go red because I see girls I’m attracted too but was blushing like mad when I saw a guy I find attractive. I never thought about starting a relationship or have any sexual thoughts about a girl.
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If I’m bisexual I wouldn’t wanna have a girlfriend because my friends, relatives and parents will be against it plus it’s not right to be doing that in an Asian country according to most Asian people
I’m a little bisexual but I still love God?
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