How would you feel about other people opening up about their sex life?

I’m a woman and i have been close friends with my friend (woman) for almost 12 years now. I separated ways when i lived abroad but recently just got in touch and nothing seems change.

We usually have dinner and have drinks at my place on weekends and mostly talk about everything. We’re on our late 30’s so we pretty much talk about life stories. She’s married to a good man I would say. we casually (not always) talked about sex lives but not in a descriptive “all in details” kind of way. And i find that there’s nothing wrong with that.

Last week after our dinner was weird and awkward to me because her husband texted me that he’s not getting “any” tonight from my friend (his wife) and that he feels kind of sad and tells me that he has a high sex drive. Me as a friend told him to make sweet gestures to my friend (his wife) and cuddle her. I felt ashamed in some way that i feel that I don’t need to know that. He then said: “don’t tell my friend that he texted me about it and it might make my friend feel embarrassed” which i responded of course I understand. And ended the conversation there.

It urks me a little bit. I am not attracted to this man i also don’t have experiences that he tried to hit on me. but because he is my best friend’s husband. How would this make you feel if i were you? And why do you think he did that? Thanks
How would you feel about other people opening up about their sex life?
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